The impact on local workers of skilled migration

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A common concern is that by adding to the supply of labour, immigration can reduce the wages of local workers (or displace them from jobs). This concept of displacement is partly a manifestation of a fallacy that there is a fixed number of jobs in an economy. However, with sufficient labour market flexibility, displaced workers will typically seek and find other new jobs, although potentially at lower wages than their previous employment. Offsetting this effect is the increase in demand for local goods and services from new immigrants. Immigrants also may complement rather than displace local workers, improving productivity, particularly when filling skill shortages that are restricting the expansion of firms.



Extra points for skilled research students

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Under law Migration Regulation – F2016L01391, skilled applicants can now obtain five extra points for completing an Australian PhD or Masters (Research).
This requires two years full time study in the following fields:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Natural and Physical Sciences
  • Other Natural and Physical Sciences
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Other Information Technology
  • Aerospace Engineering and Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology

Relationship registration in Victoria

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Relationship registration in Victoria has just become more sensible and beneficial to potential visa applicants. Changes came into effect 1 July 2016.


Now only one person needs to be living in Victoria in order to register and only 3 months of residence needs to be shown

Migration year – quota reset

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The new migration year commencement on 1 July means that most federal and state migration quota limits are reset.


Therefore many state occupation restrictions are now available. Many potential skilled migrants may now have the opportunity to migrate.


This quota resetting also affects many family visa opportunities.


Now is a good time to explore options for migration to Australia, or update your status and estimate of visa granting.